Gluttonous vs ravenous

So here it is: am I a fatty because I eat to much, or do I eat too much because I’m #hungry all the time?

I mean all the time. I very rarely am full, and when I am it’s not for very long. Something in my brain is constantly telling me that my stomach is empty and it needs more food, regardless of how much food I’ve already eaten.

That means I eat all the time. Which is no bueno for my health. Or my appearance. Yeah, I know in my last post I said I was getting more comfortable with my appearance–and I am–but that doesn’t mean I enjoy the preggerbelly I have. I need to lose weight, but it’s difficult when I’m always hungry.

Sometimes I eat to the point of feeling so full that I’m queasy, and before the nausea and fullness goes away I’m hungry again….so I eat more. Does that make me guilty of being a pig, or guilty of succumbing to the hunger?

I suppose it doesn’t matter what I’m guilty of. What matters is I need to exercise more self-control.