Getting real tired of your shit, brain

I would love to have a decent night’s sleep. Love. But I guess my brain has other ideas.

In the past few weeks (well, longer than that, but I’ve only had my #Fitbit a few weeks) I’ve been averaging 5.5 hours of sleep a day. That’s including naps.

I have no idea why my brain randomly decided that if I wake up between 0100 & 0400 I need to stay awake. Can’t go back to sleep.

I’m able to function throughout the day, but I have no energy by the time I get home. The things I want to do–read, write, draw, blog–just take too much thought and effort when my body is so sleep deprived.

I’m writing this a little past 3am because I woke up hungry and can’t get back to sleep. At least I’m off this morning so maybe I can get a nap in before working this afternoon.