Filling in the blanks

After adding a couple hundred words to the latest chapter of my work in progress, I have decided to spend the rest of my free time before work today to look back at what I’ve written so far and see where I need to add more character development. I can see areas where I’ve left some secondary characters flat and one-dimensional, so making them more realistic might help with both my word count problem and also my writer’s block problems. If I get stuck, I’ll just go back and find a character that needs more “umph” and build them up.

My problem is that I see them in my mind as fully-developed characters, with lives and back stories, but I’m not putting any of this into their part of the story. It’s like I’m saying “here’s so-and-so, this is what they look like, now back to our regularly scheduled programming.” Boring.

So time to bring more of my creations to life (cue dramatic music with a Dr. Frankenstein-like maniacal laugh).