Feedback, it flows like a river

Recently, I joined a new group on Facebook that is for the sharing and critiquing of each others’ writing in order to receive feedback on how to improve. It’s a great idea for those who have trouble finding alpha readers or editors, and even though the group rules only allow for small samples at a time, the turnover rate is fast and I’ve already gotten some responses.

Overall, the two who have given detailed feedback have responded positively to what I’ve sent them, and they’ve given similar suggestions for how to improve the chapters that I provided to them. This is a huge help, because I needed tips on how to increase my word count to hopefully turn this novella into a full-fledged novel. If I can see where I’ve made similar, well, not necessarily “mistakes” so much as “oversights” in other areas of the book, I might well get to novel length after my next revision.

It’s so tempting to go and start revising now, but I want to be fair to the others who haven’t read the first draft yet and thus would be reading a completely different, “unimproved” story. I want those who have seen the first draft thus far to all see the same one, and then start making the necessary changes. Although, I suppose if I don’t give anyone else a copy of the first draft at this point then I won’t have that problem….

I may start making changes on future chapters that I will send to the critique groups in the pending weeks, for they haven’t seen the complete work and thus will not be spoiled by some having seen the entire work and not others.