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Like what you see here? I’ve got a ton of author friends, and this site gives me the opportunity to give shout-outs to my fellow authors! I’ll be adding to this page periodically, so remember to stop by and check out my compatriots and their work!

This week’s featured author is none other than P.A. O’Neil! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing P.A. for a couple of years now, and she is a delight. Always helpful to other authors, and quite prolific in her publications!

Author P.A. O’Neil

Born in southern California, P.A. O’Neil experienced what might be considered culture shock when her family moved to a small town in Washington State. The year was 1970 and the community was not necessarily culturally diverse.  Proud of her Mexican and Irish heritage, or “Smoked Irish” according to her father, she learned what it meant to be simultaneously in the minority and the majority.  

She’s come to feel Thurston County, Washington her home and would not consider living elsewhere. She is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University, and has worked for colleges, churches, and youth organizations.

Her first published story appeared in an anthology in October 2017, followed closely by another in December. Three and a half years later, her stories have appeared in print and online over thirty-six times. A collection of her stories was recently released under the name, Witness Testimony and Other Tales, and is available as a paperback or eBook, from Amazon. It has been met with five-star reviews.

Much of what she has learned about writing, and publishing in general, has been self-taught or from observance of others through the various Facebook groups to which she belongs. She believes there has never been a better time for anyone, especially people of her generation, to become writers with the advent of the Internet and the ease of world-wide communication. It’s important for her to encourage others and support their writing, regardless of where they are on that journey.

It’s been said, “40 is the new 30 and 70 the new 50,” and with that in mind, P.A. O’Neil believes she is starting middle age all over again. You can follow her writing journey on either her Amazon Author Page or on Facebook.

Without further ado, here’s my first featured author (and my writing BFF): Angelique Jordonna!!

Author Angelique Jordonna

Angelique is a multi-genre author from Michigan. Along with her wife and kids, she has a pack of pugs running around her house. When she’s not writing, this music buff also plays a little guitar, and she’s a self-proclaimed comedienne who never performed because of a fear of audiences. Her debut novel, Dani, a psychological thriller, was self-published on Amazon before being picked up by RhetAskew Publishing and is due for re-release later this year. Also due this year is her paranormal romance novella, Jupiter’s Curse, which is in the Askew Ever After collection, both of which are available for pre-order now!

Click the links to Angelique’s page and her works to show her some love, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite author!

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