Enterprising thoughts

After spending most of the day working on more reversible gloves/hand warmers/whatever I’m calling them, I began to wonder: Could I sell these?

The cost of making them isn’t too bad considering how many I can get per yard of fabric, but they are time-consuming. So it begs the question, is it worth it to try selling them? I could use my early-a.m. wake ups to do the hand sewing, which is the biggest time hog, or do it while watching TV in the evening.

Still, it’s a debate. I’d have to determine if there’s enough of a demand for them, then figure out where to sell & market them. I wouldn’t want to make a whole bunch if they’re just going to sit around taking up space (small though they are).

Here are a couple examples of ones I’ve made so far:


So far all I have is Doctor Who fabric, but it could obviously be done with pretty much any fabric, even solid colors. I’m stuck debating this. I, personally, love the slouchy hand warmers. They are great for typing when it’s cold, & I bet they’d be awesome in the winter (living in Arizona, I’ll have to wait quite a while to test that theory).

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll sleep on it.