Early in the morning

Some time in the last few months my body decided I need to wake up between 0300 and 0430 every morning, regardless of how late I went to bed or whether or not I have to get up early the next day.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if I could go to bed early enough, or if I could do whatever I wanted to when I got up early. The thing is, if I start working on some random project at three in the morning, it damn well better be a quiet one, and I can’t need too much light for it.

Scratch reading any kind of traditional book in bed. Or drawing. Sewing I can kind of do in the living room, but any of that for too long and I get sore. Typing is sort of not good, because I type loudly and I don’t want to wake my other half (no, that was not a bipolar joke–I mean my sleeping husband).

And there’s only so much entertainment to be found on Facebook or the TV at this time.

I really need a new keyboard for my tablet. Then I could maybe at least have a quieter way of typing.

The thing is, it’s not so much the “not doing anything” part that bugs me; it’s the “not being able to do anything” part. I seem to want to do more when I can’t do more. Shift the hours ahead a few and I’d probably not even have half the nervous energy I do now. I wouldn’t be bored for lack of options, I would be lazy due to too many options. Oh, the irony.