Distracted by reality

I’ve got some dedicated reading to do for Rhetoric Askew, but for some reason I can’t focus on it.
It could be that I have a touch of real-life interfering with my concentration. You see, I have an interview later today for a promotion at work. There are pros and cons to the job, but I think I can do it, and really it’s the only opportunity for advancement that is open to me right now. I can’t move up in the surgical department because I can’t physically do the scrub assist job (I tried; my back said no), and there’s not really anywhere else to go. I’m not without competition for this job, so I have to take that into consideration and not get my hopes 100% up. But I’ve gotten encouragement from coworkers, and I’m confident that, if chosen, I can do the thing.
That confidence doesn’t stop me from obsessing over it, though.
I can’t even focus on this post. I have about a million possible scenarios running through my head. Lol
Wish me luck!