Dark dreams

What does it mean when you dream that no one invites you to go anywhere and you have the magical ability to become invisible and create illusions to keep people from finding you?

Does this mean that no one sees me as someone to hang out with? Or does it mean that even though I crave friendship my subconscious really doesn’t want it?

I would love to have a few friends that I can hang out with on a regular basis. I miss that. The girl time. The double dates with my husband and other couples. I used to have it, but then life happened and it slowly disappeared like grains of sand falling through an hourglass.

It would help if I had the confidence to be the one to do the asking, but for some reason part of me is terrified that whoever I ask to hang out will be too busy or will be inconvenienced. Why does this terrify me? Probably a psychoanalyst could say after a few sessions, but that’s not the kind of hanging out I want to do.

For right now, I guess the dream will serve as a passive aggressive cry for attention and friendship. Later, though, I may use it as the basis for a short story. We shall see.