Common cold…or delayed con plague?

Yeah, I think I’m getting sick. I’ve had a nagging cough & a tickle in my throat for a couple of days, and last night it got considerably worse. This morning I woke up feeling like crap, so I’m guessing I caught the ick.

Not too bad that I won’t go in to work (I’m a masochist like that–plus, who calls in sick for a cold?), but I’m probably going to be spending a lot of the weekend sleeping and nursing the NyQuil. Or rather, the store brand Nighttime, which we all know is NyQuil.

Still have a TV show to review and write up tonight, plus more binge watching of #OITNB (Orange Is the New Black) on Netflix–great show, but I’ll leave the reviews to Barbara from #TalkNerdyWithUs.

That’s right: …get used to seeing this link. They are my people. Join the #nerdfamily.