Busy off day

I finished the cosplay gloves this morning (still had a bit of sewing to do on the second of the pair)–Check them out on Instagram @AJMullican :). Now I have to prepare for a phone interview with a musician later today, then shopping with my mom & sending out a drawing to a friend.

Very excited for the Hobby Lobby excursion. I get to pick out fabric and other bits for making/altering scrub tops & cosplay. I feel so confident after making the gloves with no pattern and no idea really what I was doing. Scrubs should be a cinch after that lol

It’s also exciting to sell artwork again. I need to make more, but my ADD/bipolar mania has me stuck on sewing at the moment. Also, I have to be careful how much artsy-craftsy stuff I get out, because I have to be able to clean everything up for company coming over in a couple of weeks. Can’t make a mess bigger than I can handle cleaning up.

I also should probably take out the trash. There’s a lot piled up, what with boxes from the birthday presents and such on top of the normal weekly accumulation of living.