After being stuck for a week or so, yesterday I broke the 20,000 word mark on my #WIP. I’m so excited to have gotten this far, but I know I have quite a long way to go yet.

I feel so much better having made such progress in only a few hours. I still wish I could do more, but this has been a great pick-me-up.

Will I reach 30k before the a month is up? Not likely. Will I reach 80 or 90k by the time I’m done with the first draft? I’m hopeful, but realistically I also know that it will probably take a few revisions to get to proper novel length once I’ve gotten the basic story down.

I am determined to see this through. I won’t necessarily see it through in the next year, or even the next two years, but I will finish this. I will have a completed novel to my name. It’s not a matter of ifs or maybes. It’s a matter of will, and I have the will.