Be careful what you wish for

Yesterday I was depressed. Not just “bummed out,” but full-on #depressed. I went to bed dreading today and hoping that I would not still be depressed when I woke up.

I wasn’t quite depressed when I woke up (more like disturbed, because I’d dreamt that my ex boyfriend was trying to steal a blood sample from me for some unknown but nefarious purpose), but I struggled through my shift nonetheless. I wasn’t necessarily down, but I wasn’t cheerful either.

After I got home, I became antsy and couldn’t sit still. I decided to use my sudden energy to make something with my #Premo #Sculpey clay. I was happy with how it turned out, as was my husband.


Cute, right? He even liked it so much that he convinced me to make another one to sell, and possibly more. I made one more, then baked them.

I spent much of the rest of the evening posting pictures of them to various social media sites as well as surfing said sites for ideas on other creative things to do. Time ran away from me, and an hour past my normal bedtime I was making a third dragon (no photo yet).

I stopped because my husband needed to get to sleep (& so did I, really), but though he’s been asleep for nearly an hour I’m still wide awake, mind racing.

What else should I try to sculpt tomorrow? What cosplay(s) do I want to plan for the next convention we go to? Do I think I can successfully make the ones I want? The list goes on.

Welcome to the #manic side of the #Force, so to speak. Lovely timing. Where was this energy when I was at work? I have got to get that switch checked.