Back to the drawing board

I’ve been trying to think of some #design for my book cover (yeah, I know, getting ahead of myself…call it preparedness maybe?), and I stubbornly refused to even consider another artist for it.

That’s probably because I’m an #artist myself and quite the #narcissist. Me me me. All about me. Have to do it myself.

Then a friend of mine contacted me saying we should hang out. It had been a long time, but more importantly she’s an artist as well, and a much better one than I. Not only could we collaborate on an art project–something I’ve never done, and something that maybe might create a dent in that narcissism thing. She did a couple of rough sketches of a cover design based on a few words from me and they looked amazing!

Not only did I get some much-needed #girltime, I learned a valuable #lifelesson: I don’t have to do it all myself. I can trust in my friends and others to provide support and help me out.

I’m not trying to use my friend for cover art or anything. I truly loved having a couple of hours with her. Talking, giggling like schoolgirls, comparing and showing off our various art pieces (she has many, many more than I do), catching up…. It was a great time. I had almost forgotten what it’s like to just hang out with a friend and have fun. I even drew something myself–horrible perspective and proportions, but the clothing looked good and it got the “look” I was going for.

Now on to #writing. 🙂