Au(dio art)istic

Got half of my poetry book recorded this morning. I’m loving the spare bedroom in the new apartment. No background noise from the jet-engine air conditioner of the old apartment.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing my recordings, then comes the challenge of trying to figure out how to merge all the files. I’m no one-take wonder, so there has been a lot of swearing and deleting mistakes. If I knew how to cut out errors it might be easier, but I figured that by recording each poem separately I wouldn’t go insane from having to restart the whole thing from the beginning every time I tripped over a word.

Progress on my novel has been temporarily paused until I can get these recordings done. It’s still brewing in the back of my head, though. I’ve got to think of more trouble to get Serenity Hope into before I (maybe) get her out of it. šŸ˜‰