Attention deficit artistic disorder

I think that should be a thing. Some days I can’t make up my mind as to what artistic endeavour I want to work on.

Drawing. Painting. Sewing. Writing. Sculpting. There are so many choices!

It seems like any single-medium artist has the opinion that if you don’t spend at least a little time every day in whichever art you do, you’re not dedicated enough.

Why can’t people be dedicated to multiple arts? I don’t consider my sculpting any less important to me than my writing. It’s just that some days I want to sculpt, and some days I want to write. Or draw. Or paint.

If I dedicated the same amount of time to each every day, I would have no time for anything else. Would I be more practiced at one art if I cut out the others? Of course. Would I be any happier? No.

Don’t let anyone shame you into feeling that you’re not dedicated enough to what you do. Even if you only have one passion, don’t feel guilty for allowing yourself to have a “day off” from what you do. Personal time is important to your mental and physical health. Take care of yourself, and don’t ever feel wrong for doing so.