A little taste

This will be a short post today. I’d like to show y’all (I grew up in Alabama–“y’all” is a word, as is “fixinta”) a poem I wrote years ago. A little piece of me, available also in my poetry collection “Kamikaze Butterflies” on Amazon.


What was once so soft and pure….now stands broken in shame….visage that could admiring eyes once lure….now lies scarred and maimed….such a pretty word is blemish….euphemistic disguise of truth….if only these things could be banished….and return to the perfection of youth….if only there was a way to undo what life has done….to erase the battle tokens….to heal it all ’til scars there are none….’til the skin no longer stands broken

(Please excuse the formatting. My tablet is being a jerk.),