7 Months, Nearly 70 Lbs

It’ been a little over seven months since I started my keto diet lifestyle change. I started at 287.9 lbs. Now? Now I’m hovering around 217-219 lbs, meaning I have lost nearly 70 lbs!

For some frame-of-reference pics, I’m going to remind you of how I looked before I started. Here’s a photo that I posted in this blog before I started keto. I had forgotten I even took/posted it, but I was scrolling through my blog posts last night and came across it. This is me, at my heaviest, when I started to get truly scared that my weight would kill me:

The robe covers some of the blob, but trust me, I was miserable. It took a lot of courage to post this online, for anyone visiting this site to see, but it was necessary. I had to look at myself, really look at myself, to have that kick in the ass that I needed to get started on eating better.

The next photo is from today. I’m wearing the same tank top (but no robe) and kinda sitting in the same position, so it’s a roughly accurate depiction of the difference ~70 lbs can make:

Okay, so I’m not “there” yet. I’m still overweight, still obese even (I believe–I don’t know how to calculate BMI), but just look at the difference! It shows in my face for damn sure.

I’ve hit the dreaded plateau–been there for weeks, actually–but I’ve been given a plan of action for cutting back more and adjusting my diet to try to break past it. Maybe once coronapocalypse is over, I might even be able to get out and exercise somewhere. Regardless, I’m proud of the progress I’ve made these past 7 months, and I hope I can get down to a truly healthy weight…and stay there.

I’ve made several non-scale victories these past months. I can put on socks without getting out of breath. I can get in and out of the car without wheezing. I’m out of the “plus” sizes and into regular-sized jeans and leggings. I have more mobility and flexibility. More endurance. I can fit places I couldn’t before. Lol It’s easier to put on my shoes. I can fence again. All of these make me very happy. 🙂

This might end up being a two-blog-post kind of day, because I’ll also have some exciting news coming up later today that is totally non-weight related, so stay tuned! There could be more to come 😉