Good news, everyone!

Drumroll please! ABNORMAL is coming soon to audiobook! That’s right, soon you’ll have no excuses for not having a copy. 😉 Don’t have time to read a physical or digital copy? This will be your opportunity to dive into the world of ABNORMAL. Work on Book 3 is coming along nicely. I managed to get […]

Gooooood morning, Caid!

Transcript: I’m writing this blog post on paper with an ink pen. Why? you may ask. Well, despite the good signal I have at this SCA event, I’m trying not to kill the “period” mood by whipping out the cell phone here at the Arts and Sciences display. This weekend has so far been mostly […]

Her Own Worst Enemy

Finally! After months of struggling with the plot of Book 3, I’m finally back on track with the flow of it. Book 3 is going to take Clare to some pretty surprising places, and even though this weekend is all about the SCA, my mind is buzzing with story ideas for her and her cohorts […]


I thought I could do it. I thought I could get the new garb all made in time for Great Western War. I knew it would be a challenge, sure, but I thought I could do it. I didn’t anticipate getting a nasty cold. Once I came down with the cold, I didn’t anticipate the […]