Countdown to keto

After much soul (& internet) searching, I finally decided what to do about my weight concerns. I’m going to be making a drastic but hopefully beneficial change that, frankly, is long overdue. I’m going to be starting a keto diet next week. I’ve done a lot of pre-diet prep in the form of research, asking […]

Blunt and to the Point

Okay. I get it. I haven’t been participating in the SCA rapier community lately. Like, for months. And I get that my rapier-centric friends miss seeing me on the field. I get that, I do, but I’m so tired of avoiding a long discussion on the why of it. So I guess I’ll have to […]

Welcome to Hell

Hello, all! Today’s insomniac post will be a short/flash (don’t know what length yet as I am pantsing it) story based on a prompt I saw on Facebook. Enjoy 🙂 I blink and cough, my eyes and throat irritated from the smoke. A quick glance at my surroundings has me a little confused. Where am […]

Forward Momentum

All’s steady on the embroidery project front this week. I’m down to three projects due next month (one almost complete, one not yet started, one in-progress), and they’re spaced out a bit in when they’re due. Then I have a project due way in December, so I have time on that one. It’s a little […]


It’s that time of year again! My 40th birthday has officially arrived, and I feel–just the same at 39. Lol We had a nice party at my house last night to celebrate, and Rory’s feeling better (I haven’t been in the mood to post the past few days because he wasn’t well, but with medications […]

Musing about murder

Theoretically (pending test of Skype), today will be the first taping of Muses and Murderers Webcast, the brainchild of myself and fellow author Angelique Jordonna. I say “theoretically” because I’ve been so busy with embroidery and my own writing that I kinda haven’t been organizing and promoting the webcast like I should be. Don’t get […]