It used to be so easy. A quick web search, some clicking and verifying, and BAM!–tweets auto-posted to my Facebook profile or page, and these blog posts auto-posted to my Facebook page. I guess it’s not so easy anymore. For one thing, Facebook’s gotten a tad full of itself and won’t allow cross-posting with Twitter […]

Every day I’m shuffling…

So, let’s do a rundown of the projects I currently am in the “in progress” stage of:1- Super Secret Project #1: A project that I can’t go into just yet, but one that I hope will make the person very happy when they see it. Due before September 7. About 1/4 of the way finished….roughly.2- […]

All eyes on me?

It’s Marketing Time again in my publisher’s writing group, so I spent this morning tweaking and posting some graphics on various social media sites to try to generate sales/interest for Abnormal. I need to screenshot my current insights, I suppose, to have a comparison to make. Marketing has been by far the biggest challenge to […]

Of Arts and Sciences, Part 2

Well, the local Arts and Sciences competition is over, and I didn’t win anything. I’m not overly surprised, but it’s still a little disappointing. It’s not so much the fact that I didn’t win anything. Sometimes you don’t win, and that’s okay. What bothers me more is how unprepared I was for some of the […]

Of Art and Science

Last weekend’s Arts and Sciences competition in a neighboring Barony went well, and tomorrow is the A&S competition for my own Barony. I have mixed feelings about it. Last year was a disaster. A fiasco. A veritable shit show. I entered two pieces and was supposed to be judged by three people for each piece. […]

Tinkering away

So I was messing around with settings on this site the other day when I noticed something: There’s a freaking way to add Kindle links to the site!!! Yeah, I’m late to the party, but you can now buy either of my novels on Kindle through this website. Pretty snazzy, eh? While I was doing […]