The self-taught student becomes the professor

Last weekend at Potrero War in California was nice. No laptop. No work. No writing. No working up patients. Just spending time in the “current middle ages,” cruising Merchant’s Row, and learning a new embroidery stitch. I got some new embroidery floss while I was there. Okay, so I didn’t need new thread–as is evidenced […]

Crossing borders

It’s 0520 on a Thursday. I’ve been up since about 0230, and ready for the day since about 0330. Just another day in the surgery department, right? Nope. I’m headed off to war–SCA war, that is. And it’s not in Atenveldt. No, my husband and I are headed to California for Potrero War. It’s not […]

Spark-ling conversation

I’ve had an epiphany about my WIP, and it’s all thanks to a podcast I was on the other day. I was feeling like the third book in my sci-fi series was falling flat, but I couldn’t put a finger on how to vamp it up. Then, the conversation turned to a subject that sparked […]

Something old, something new, someone wicked, someone blue

I love when I get unstuck in a WIP that I’ve been stalled on for months. Here’s what happened: I was doing a streaming podcast called “Writer Imperfect” (, and the discussion turned to a subject that kind of jump-started the ol’ brain into motion. Now, I haven’t written anything new yet, but soon I’ll […]


I have few true idols in life. There are some that I look up to because of sage advice, some that I look up to because of their calibre in their field (whether it’s a field that interests me or not), and some that I look up to because of sheer badassery. Carrie Fisher and […]

On the Agenda…

Okay. I normally don’t get political, or get on a soapbox about current events–but this shit has got to stop. I’m talking about using a young man’s death to further one’s own political agenda. Yeah, it’s happening, and it makes me sick. You have probably heard by now (unless you live in a cave somwhere–in […]

Patience is a virtue…. and forgive me, but I’ve sinned

They say it’s good to be patient. Patience builds character or something. All good things are worth the wait. Except… Except I am highly disappointed that I can’t move forward on Escape the Light yet. I know my publisher is busy, I know they’ve got it on the docket, and I know that, once done, […]


They say to count your blessings, right? I think I kinda forgot that for a bit. Here’s what the deal is: my publisher is on this marketing/branding/selling kick lately, and with me already working a full-time job plus having other “non-writing life” obligations, it’s stressful how much they’re pushing it. Like, I already try to […]