Recharged, refueled, refilled

In the SCA, there’s this thing called “stardust.” It’s the fabric of the Dream that keeps the SCA alive, and it’s something I’ve been sorely lacking lately….until yesterday, that is. It all started coming back to me when I finished the embroidery for my good friend’s Pelican mantle for her elevation. I’d go into details […]

Hanging on by a thread

I’m still here. Still hanging on. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been life, and the juggling act is a struggle. I’m trying to get more active on Twitter. I’m trying to get my work done at the office. I’m trying to get my friend’s Pelican embroidered in the next seven days. […]

Train of Thought

Catherine sighed as she looked out the window, watching the trees speed by, a broken film reel that would never stop flipping. Mom was so wrong, she thought. Train rides aren’t exciting or adventurous. They’re boring. Not even the name of the train she took, the Zephyr, could add excitement to the never-ending sea of […]

When you need a vacation from your second job but your hobby has turned into a third job

Okay, so Pixabay didn’t exactly have an image with a woman in scrubs, a woman in casual clothes, and a woman in SCA garb all together. Let’s just pretend that’s what’s going on in the above picture. This weekend, I decided to take a mini vacation from both my day job and my writing. I […]

Floodgates open? Well, there’s a trickle

Well, after a good solid month of being blocked, I’m back to writing. It’s still slow going, and the progress isn’t marked, but it is progress. I’m starting to get more of the world in place, the situation–locally for my characters as well as globally–the timing…things are coming together. Or, well, for my characters they’re […]

Round and round and round we go

It’s that time of the week again. Laundry day. I fucking hate laundry day. First you have to sort all the crap that has been worn or used during the week. Then you have to lug each load from the bedroom to the garage. Stuff the stuff into the machine. Put in the detergent and […]