The bitching hour

It’s a little after 0500 here in Arizona, and all I can think of to write here is a slew of complaints about my stressful job and my equally stressful life. But nobody wants to hear about that…or at least, I assume nobody wants to hear that. What to talk about then? Well, I am […]

Shedding Light on My Darkness

Bipolar disorder sucks, but it’s livable given the right access to good mental healthcare and the right combination of therapy and pharmaceuticals. Why am I bringing this up now? Well, I’m in talks to, er, talk on a podcast about mental health issues. I was introduced to the podcast by a fellow bipolar author, and […]

Almost Home

It’s 0432, and I’m at a friend’s house for the night, waiting for my husband to wake up so we can go the rest of the way home. So what’s an insomniac to do but write? I tried to take a writing break during Estrella War, but my story started speaking to me again, and […]

War of wet

So in addition to snow in Arizona, it also rains. A lot. Especially at inconvenient times. Take yesterday, for instance. It rained yesterday. And it rained. And it rained some more. It rained until our tent was flooded on the inside and outside was a muddy, sloggy, sludgy, mucky mess. The “roads” are inches deep […]

Where in Estrella War Is AJ Mullican?

I’ve not had nearly enough sleep today, and that means that four lucky SCAdians will receive a free copy of Abnormal! What’s that? Free book? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there are catches, of course. Rules and what have you. 1.) Go to my Facebook author page and “Like” the page: […]

Special Delivery

It’s official: Book 2, a.k.a. ESCAPE THE LIGHT, has a signed contract with RhetAskew Publishing! Okay, so I knew it was coming. It actually technically should have come a few weeks ago, but due to email issues I wasn’t getting it. Now, though, the balls are rolling and things are in the works. It’s happening–really […]