Not very con-tagious

I went to a gaming convention the last two days–a small one–but I spent most of the time, er, not gaming.  I had intended on playing games, but I only played one the whole day and a half I was there. It was a fun game, but I got peopled out pretty quickly. Thankfully, my […]

Checked out

I had my second official author appearance today, this time at a small-town library. The venue was small, and the crowd was smaller, but it was a good time. I stood up and talked about myself and my book and didn’t freak out. The social anxiety monster didn’t rear its ugly head, which is pretty […]

Cramped situation

I’m back to embroidering (did I ever really stop? Lol), and it’s starting to get to these arthritic hands of mine. Whether I use a hoop or just hold the fabric myself, it seems my fingers get incredibly cramped and painful. I can only stitch for a little bit at a time, which is making […]

Plagued by pollen

Sweet baby Jesus, whatever’s in the air lately is kicking my ass. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. I can still breathe–kind of–and I don’t have a scratchy throat. The sniffling and sneezing is annoying as hell, though. My allergies are weird. Some years, I go without any allergy problems. Others, I have really […]

Back in the deep end

Well, after a self-imposed “week off” from serious book promoting, I’m back in deep. I’ve downloaded a few podcast apps to help me narrow down my searches for podcasts to contact to talk about Abnormal. (My Google-fu when it comes to podcasts is dismally unhelpful.) I’ve started contacting podcasts that might be willing to listen to […]

What to do, what to do

For the first time in weeks, I don’t have a pressing project to do…and now, I don’t know what to do with my morning “me time.” I could work on the third book in the Abnormal series…but I’m kinda stuck. Still haven’t heard back from alpha readers, so the second book is kind of on hold. I […]

One down, three to go

The embroidery is done! For now, that is. I still have one small project and two large projects ahead of me, though, so my reprieve is short lived.  The book signing went well. I can’t remember if I mentioned that, but the bookstore sold over half of the twenty four copies I brought for them. […]

Sign of the times

Today’s the day! My first official book signing. 🙂 So far I’ve known everyone who came in, but I’m still happy that my friends and family are supporting me and Abnormal. Aaaand I just spent ten minutes typing stuff on my phone and deleted the block of text. Clearly not enough caffeine today. Lol This […]

A case of excitement

Tomorrow’s a big day for me in my publishing journey, and I can’t wait! I have my first book signing scheduled at a local bookstore, complete with a case of books to take with me. I’ve got my markers and pens all bagged up, and I’ve got a ride to the store (my husband will […]

Working off the clock

As I am rapidly discovering, publishing a book is a lot of hard work–even after the book is published. You don’t just release the book like a dove at a wedding and expect it to fly. You’ve got to keep promoting, keep looking for influential people to read and (hopefully) review it, keep seeking opportunities […]