Distracted by reality

I’ve got some dedicated reading to do for Rhetoric Askew, but for some reason I can’t focus on it. It could be that I have a touch of real-life interfering with my concentration. You see, I have an interview later today for a promotion at work. There are pros and cons to the job, but […]

Being #ABNORMAL is not a crime

Abnormal is rapidly approaching release, and I want to know: What makes you #ABNORMAL? There are tons of “abnormalities” in life that are criminalized, penalized, or ostracized in society. Transsexualism, LGBTQIA “lifestyle,” being overweight, underweight, tall, short, rich, poor, too ugly, too pretty even. What about you makes you “abnormal” by today’s society? What have […]

Stuck in the past, no time for the future

So with one Arts & Sciences competition behind me and another one looming this weekend, plus the interkingdom arts exchange project I’ve been working on, plus another period craft I plan on doing, plus the Kingdom A&S competition in the fall, I find myself with little time for mundane sewing. This poses a slight problem, […]


Today I “met” with the book cover designer officially for the first time and got to give him my thoughts on the cover of Abnormal. Every time something new happens in the process it revs up my excitement. So close, yet so far. I want to tell you all the release date, but I still […]

An art and a science

Well, today’s the day! My first Arts and Sciences competition for the SCA. Despite all the nerves and anxiety about finishing my papers, they were both finished and printed last night. (They actually were “finished” earlier, but I forgot to put “Novice” on them so I had to reprint. Lol) I’m feeling good about the […]

Zeroed in

I have a little over 48 hours to get a research paper finished (I need six pages–with pictures–and so far have one and a half) and an arts project documented (again, six pages with pictures) before our Barony’s Arts and Sciences competition. I am currently staring at the computer screen like a dumbass, totally unable […]

Trailing ahead

Abnormal is getting even closer to publication, and today the book trailer went live on Rhetoric Askew!!! Click the link. You know you want to. Scroll down to the neurons. See ’em? Yeah, click play. Now watch. Bad. Ass. I’m super stoked. Today is a good day. I have decided. Who cares what happens after this? […]