Awake and (kind of) alert

Okay, thanks to Rory I’m up and at ’em this early Thursday morning. Yeah, he thought 0100 was a decent time to wake me up. It’s already been a relatively productive hour and fifteen minutes, though. I started on design elements for an SCA arts swap project that I am participating in (I think my […]

Square one–er, two?

After waffling for a few months on whether to revise Book 2 to fit the new end of Abnormal or just rewrite the whole thing, I finally came to the conclusion that I should kind of do both. I’ll keep the sections that still fit with Abnormal’s ending–what few there are–but I’ll also start over. […]

Gone to bed–time to start the day

It’s bedtime for ABNORMAL. I’ve officially emailed the final revisions to RhetAskew. Soon come the marketing materials and the footwork to get ABNORMAL out in the public eye. I have a lot of work ahead of me; I’m not trying to fool myself into thinking things are done. Even if I didn’t have Book 2 […]

Coming soon, to a bookstore (or website) near you…

Yeah, bookstores are a thing of the past almost, but… That’s right, RhetAskew Publishing has officially announced ABNORMAL! It’s not for sale yet–there’s still some work to be done on it, and all the pre-production stuffs has to happen, but it is announced! Here’s the beautiful announcement artwork, courtesy of Dusty at RhetAskew: I am […]