Staking claim

As they said in Mortal Kombat: What, exactly? The house. Our house. The stakes marking the corners of the house are in place and spray-painted bright pink. It’s not the official “ground-breaking,” but ground was technically broken. Our original layout for the house turned out to be an ill fit, but we changed the orientation […]

Annual avoidance

It’s that time of year again…and again, and again, and again. I’ve overdue for a basic physical (by oh, say, 5-10 years or so…maybe 20…when did I last do it?). It’s not that I’m averse to going to the doctor necessarily; I just don’t see the point in going when I’m not sick. Or when […]

Drink myself awake

Groggy mornings are the norm for me. I wake up, I stumble around as I make coffee or a Soda Stream energy drink, and I take my pills–including Adderall–to try to wake my lazy body up. Some mornings I’m successful…others, not so much. This morning seems to be a “not so much” morning. I’ve been […]