Step it up

I bet you thought this was another Pokemon Go post…well, you were wrong!

It’s getting to be about a month & a half until we leave for Dragon Con, so I need to step up my work on our cosplays. Tick tick tick. The timer’s running out. I still have to put the lining on the Shatterstar coat, cut the pieces for the corset (& everything else that I haven’t started yet), sew the shit together, & learn how to use my serger to sew Spandex. Oh, and there’s the fabrication of the weapons and painting of my boots once they’re ordered & shipped. So yeah, gotta step it up.

I think I’m going to go into the sewing room & start cutting the pieces for the corset. Since I’ll need to order the boning (as soon as I know the lengths I’ll need), I should probably get started on that next. Then it will be on to the shrug I’m going to make, and then all the Spandex stuff.

When I made the Naruto cosplays it took me less than a month for both of them, but they were less complicated. These involve a lot more work, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve got to alter almost every pattern I’m using, so it’s going to be tough. I also need to lose weight before Dragon Con so things fit better, but I think I’ll be okay on that front.

Oh yeah, I’ve also got to do some alterations on my husband’s Star Wars/Doctor Who mashup cosplay & the Naruto cosplay. So there’s that.

Tick tick tick.


After just four days of playing Pokemon Go (with a break one day due to extreme exhaustion after work), I have to admit that this game’s addictive.

I don’t play “to win” (capture gyms, etc), but it’s a good game to get out and get exercise and potentially meet new friends. Since I mostly farmed in WoW, it’s kind of like that for me, only with walking and being outdoors. I “catch” the Pokemon, get experience, etc. I’m getting a good mile and a half plus every day that I go out and play in the evening (or morning on the weekends)…now if I could just find an app that had a fun way of getting you to eat better or eat less…but I don’t think anyone’s come up with anything like that. Maybe a game where you get special perks for eating veggies and lose those perks when you eat ice cream. Or something.

Until I went to the local park (we’re in a pretty small town, so there are only a few places that have multiple pokestops and whatnot to catch Pokemon & collect pokeballs), I didn’t realize exactly how popular the game was. I mean, I know tons of people were talking about it, but I didn’t expect the sheer numbers of people wandering around looking at their phones, talking about the Pokemon they were trying to catch.

I also didn’t expect the sheer numbers of adults playing the game. Like, vastly greater numbers than the kids. I know that Pokemon started when I was a teenager, so there are a lot of adults my age or younger who basically grew up with Pokemon. It’s yet another blast from the past in this golden age of nostalgia.

I’m hoping this Poke-splosion helps me lose some of this extra weight, or at least tone up a bit. It would be nice to have the corset that I’m making for Dragon Con fit a bit better. It would also be nice to have people quit asking if I’m having a baby. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t try to be diplomatic with my answer. I just say “No, it’s just fat” and get on with life. I used to try not to hurt people’s feeling and not make them feel bad for asking, but eff that. Maybe people should feel bad for assuming that any woman with a belly is pregnant.

How did I get from Pokemon to preggerbellies? What can I say? That’s just how my mind works.

Off now to get ready for work. Maybe on my lunch break I’ll go for a walk & try to catch a few more.

Tick Tock

I might have used this title before, but I’m too lazy to check right now. Anywho, it’s creeping up on time to leave for work.

I don’t know why I tend to dread the last 20-30 minutes before I venture off on that short 5-6 minute drive to the office. It’s not like I necessarily dread working, just knowing that soon I’ll have to leave my apartment and head out. I have no problem with actually working (most days–but doesn’t everybody have a couple days where they just want to curl back up under the blankets and ignore the world?). Just knowing that work is pending.

Maybe it’s just the knowledge that time is ticking down to the end of the quiet morning. Or maybe it’s the feeling of “I’ve got to finish whatever I’m doing before it’s time to go.” Who knows.

I’d write more on the subject, but it’s almost time to leave. 😉 Ciao!

Feeling the Burn

I got plenty of exercise this weekend…nearly six miles walked overall (thanks to the evil that is Pokemon Go), which is more than I usually walk in a week–even taking into consideration all the walking I do at work.

Unfortunately, I kindamaybesorta forgot to put on sunscreen during my first walk yesterday. Yeah, my pale-ass self got sunburned. Looking for Pokemon.


So if anyone today notices my mild sunburn…I totally got it from walking for exercise. Not playing a game. Got our stories straight? Good.

Sunburn notwithstanding, I am glad to be getting some exercise. I don’t think I’ve lost any weight so far–not even a measly pound–because I haven’t changed my eating habits, and I wasn’t drinking as much water as I should have been.

Next time I go venturing out in the daylight for Pokemon, I’m definitely wearing sunscreen. And bringing Benadryl. I forgot that it’s bee season, and while I don’t have a super serious reaction (as far as I know–I haven’t been stung in over 25 years) I don’t really want to risk it. And I’m bringing water. And putting on sunscreen.

The point to all this? For those Pokeplayers who haven’t seen significant amounts of daylight in years (walking around at comic cons doesn’t count), prepare yourself. Bring water so you don’t get dehydrated in the summer heat. Wear suncreen. Bring bug spray (did I forget to mention the mosquito bite? Yeah, got one of those too). Be sure to have a good, straight path to your car or home in case you walk too far and get winded or sore.

Basically, be smart about it. We nerds are generally a smart people. We can figure this out. The exercise may be new for many of us, but we can adapt and get fit.


Public Displays

Responsibility can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

Remember that anthology I talk about every so often? Well, it’s in jeopardy now as yet another author has left the project…this time not due to lack of time to devote to the project, but rather due to a certain member’s public social media profile.

What blows about it is that I’m in a position of authority in the project so it’s partly my responsibility to see to the matter, because the now-former member has a point.

When you’re in a position like I am–like all of the authors in the project, really–you’ve got to think about the public face you put out for the world to see. This is a project involving authors from around the world, and the goal is trans-Atlantic publication. So yeah, it’s a lot to think about. How do you want potential publishers to see you? Do you have a profile that they wouldn’t want associated with their name, or is your public face free of blemishes?

I’ll freely admit that mine profile’s not 100% clean. There’s more than one reason I don’t put my day job down on Facebook, and the desire for the freedom to cuss every once in a while is just one of those reasons. Is it a profile that I’d be afraid to show publishers? No, because it’s who I am, and my writing reflects that–well, it generally reflects that. Obviously for the project I don’t write the same type of material that I write for personal things–heck, I even write differently here. But I try to keep from getting publicly involved in controversial topics and potentially offensive things (the occasional blue language notwithstanding). I also generally don’t add people under the age of 18 as friends or follow them on social media, not even family members, because I don’t feel that the things I post are appropriate for that age group.

Now, this isn’t something I had considered (as far as the project goes) until this was brought to my attention, but it is a valid point. Your public social media posts can come back to haunt you. Think about what you’re posting: Is it appropriate? Is it offensive? Is it excessively violent/graphic/etc.?

Think before you post, everyone. If you don’t have a problem with posting blatantly offensive or controversial, that’s all well and good. Just be aware that not everyone’s going to be fine with it and it could potentially cut off profitable avenues.

Caught by the balls

Yeah, it happened. I hate Pokemon but I wanted to get involved in walking like my husband has been with this new Pokemon Go craze (and I wanted to walk with him), but I couldn’t find an augmented reality app that I liked that I could use while we went walking. So there it is. I have a Pokemon Go account. I’m level six. I gotta admit, the avatar’s pretty cute.


Last night we went on an hour-and-a-half long walk, mostly spent searching for “points of interest” (or whatever they’re called) and catching different Pokemon.

Am I addicted to the game already? I’d like to think I’m not; I mean, I’ve only been playing for half a day. And it’s not like I’m going outside at 4:30 in the morning because I’ve got a wild urge to catch Pokemon. Sure, if one shows up in my apartment I’ll grab it, but I’m not going to go looking for them this early in the morning. Yeah, we went out late last night–“late” being around 8:30 to 10:00 pm–and spent the time searching for and catching Pokemon. I probably got more exercise in that hour and a half than I have since Phoenix Comicon. I certainly got the most number of steps in a day since then.

It was kind of funny…as my husband and I were standing on a street corner next to a church in the dark, with another Pokeplayer next to us, a car full of young guys–probably early to mid 20s–pulled up to the corner. When one of them leaned out the window to holler at us and ask what we were doing, I half-expected some jeering or taunting or at least him yelling “Fucking nerds!”…but none of that happened. He simply asked what we were doing…so, being the proud nerd that I am, I said, “Pokemon, man!” His reply? “Pokemon Go? Hell yeah!” That’s right. The quasi-thug hanging out the car window was a Pokefan. Who knew?

I was surprised by the sheer number of people in our small town who were wandering around late at night to play this game. Given that there isn’t much of anything in the area we were walking–especially nothing that was open for business–there were still random groups of people walking and chattering. Occasionally we’d find a car full of people playing, driving around to the different points of interest or “gyms” and playing there (one car had small children in it, so I assume the parents didn’t want them walking around that late at night), but most of the people we passed by were walking.

Good for Pokemon. They got nerds to get out of the comfort and societal safety of their homes and go out into the world and be active. We even chatted with one or two people briefly (not counting Car Guy).

Will this interactive motivation to get moving stick? Will I continue to play and get more exercise? I’m not sure. I tend to lose interest in things like this relatively quickly, but we’ll see.

For now? I gotta catch ’em all. Or something.

There but not there

He sat in silence, tail twitching, ears turned towards his target.

Pulling my legs up onto the couch (theoretically a place safe from whatever it was that he was hunting), I peeked over the edge, trying to spy what he stalked. I saw nothing, and for some reason an icy chill crawled up my spine. Was it a harmless bug? Was it–*gasp*–a spider? I didn’t know if I could handle a spider on my own. Eight-legged demons, they are.

Without warning he pounced, and I felt myself jump despite my determination to remain calm. Did he get it?

No, it seemed he didn’t. When he stood back to observe his handiwork, there was nothing on the floor. I relaxed for a moment until his body went rigid again…save for that twitching tail.

Dare I get off the couch to see what it was? If I put my feet down, would The Thing Beneath bite me? I swallowed back a lump of fear and ever-so-slowly began to get up, keeping the cat between me and whatever it was he was determined to murder. Inch by inch, I got down on my knees and bent over, looking under the couch, praying it was a ball of lint or long-lost cat toy.

Nothing. There was nothing.

The cat still stalked this nothing for several minutes before following me into the other room, the nothing-that-he-thought-was-something apparently forgotten.

Shaking my head, I chuckled to myself as I turned out the lights and snuggled next to my sleeping husband. It was just my imagination, I thought, or perhaps the cat’s. Nothing more.

Then I heard a door open and close.

We have no roommates.

Times, they are a-changin’

Yeah, the news is rough. People killing people everywhere you look. It sucks.

But are the times really changing, or is it just that the media explosion of recent years makes it appear as though things are getting worse? It’s hard to tell. News outlets zero in on the worst news possible to get more ratings, and the public eats it up.

Either way, something’s gotta change. People have to stop being trigger-happy or something. Have to quit taking shit so seriously. Yes, I know, the stuff in the news today–police killing people, people killing police, terror bombings–it’s all serious shit. But the reasons for the killings are ridiculous.

I’m so sick of knee-jerk reactions in the media. A black person is killed by a white person and people are all up-in-arms. A white person is killed by a white person and it’s just a side note. It sucks. It really does. But is it enough to warrant riots or retaliation murders? I don’t think so.

The terror bombings, yes, should maybe be retaliated…but not against an entire race/religion/etc. Go after the people who did the bombing, not anyone who is the same religion they claim to be (and let’s face it, if these terrorists were truly religious they wouldn’t be doing that shit to begin with). All of this mob mentality against specific races/sexual orientations/religions is out of control.

I don’t just mean anti-black racism. There’s now just as much anti-white racism in the world, and don’t try telling me that just because my race is in the majority that we’re not subject to racism. Racism is, according to Merriam-Webster’s website, “1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. 2 : racial prejudice or discrimination.” So yeah, white people can experience racism against them. Any race can experience racism against them. And it sucks.

In the same train of thought, any religion/gender/sexual orientation can experience discrimination against them. A gay club gets shot up? Must be homophobes, and since most homophobes are heterosexual, then heterosexuals must hate gays. It doesn’t make any sense. None of it does.

Do I have any real point to this other than “fucking stop hating each other already”? Not really. That’s what it boils down to. Stop the hate. Stop the gunshots and the bombings. Just stop it.

Visions of Sleep

Early in the morning

Ere the sun has shown his face

My lids feel heavy

My eyes cross paths

So hard to stay awake

A mere hour before I have to get ready

For the busy day ahead

I need to wake up

To be alert

But my eyes have different ideas

They try to force my hand

To make me sleep again

I can’t let them succeed

I can’t give in

I have a job to do

No time for sleep

No time for resting those eyes

Raise those heavy lids

Force the eyes to stop crossing

My lids will meet once again in slumber

But not until the night

Not-So Sweet Dreams

So there I am, trying to behave myself during a Medicare inspection, when the Medicare auditor tells me I have to get an MRI. Okay, seems legit, right?

I go to get my MRI and almost forget that I have my keys in my pocket. Oops. That would’ve been bad. Then I play the waiting game==gotta bide your time until the radiology department decides to let you know what’s what.

I finally call them because it’s getting late and they haven’t called me yet. They tell me I have cancer in my back & I need to come in to the hospital to get it taken care of. Sure, why not? Again, it seems legit.

Once I get to the hospital, I find myself waiting and waiting and waiting to see a doctor. When are they going to have a doctor go over the results of my MRI with me?  I decide to go to a nurses’ station and ask whats up with that. Turns out the surgeon had just gotten there, so they took me to another room to discuss my results.

Imagine my surprise when my surgeon was not an oncologist but rather the cataract surgeon that I work with. Totally legit. Apparently they called him in because he ordered the MRI. And he was totally cool with it. He showed me where in my back the cancer was (right in some offshoot of my spine–no biggie) and told me he’d do the surgery.

Some other patient interrupted and came over telling some stupid story about his own cancer experience, talking over the doctor so I couldn’t hear when I was going to have the surgery. I got the impression that it would be soon, but I didn’t know what time exactly. Would I be able to eat anything, or did I have to wait until after the surgery? The surgeon left before I could ask, though, so I tried to ask at the nurses’ station but again they were pretty much useless.

I went off to see my husband & there with him was my best friend Crystal and her family. There were lots of hugs and well wishes, but still I couldn’t eat.

I woke up starving.

Stupid brain.