I’m such a ditz. I’ve been thinking all this time that it’s my day job OT that has me worn out, but I forgot that I’ve also still been taking on work with Talk Nerdy With Us and extra responsibilities with the charity anthology project. No wonder I’m feeling the burnout! I don’t mind the […]


I’m so tired. Granted, it’s 3:45 in the morning, but that’s not why I’m tired. I’m tired of being up so early every morning. I’m tired of being the responsible one. I’m tired of giving a shit. I’m. Just. So. Tired. Take today, for instance: a long work day with a short break. A long […]


I wake, I shake, I look around But my focus still cannot be found I wake, I shake, I blink my eyes This fuzziness has me surprised I wake, I shake, I drink caffeine But it really doesn’t do a thing I wake, I shake, I feel forlorn I cannot see this Monday morn

Plus or Minus

I’m having a devil of a time finding good stretch faux leather leggings for my Magik cosplay. I was hoping to find some on Amazon for a reasonable price (reasonable = less than it would cost to make them myself), but it’s slim pickings. That’s right, slim. The “plus” size leggings that I initially ordered […]


The winter wind cut through her like a knife, and she pulled her threadbare coat closed. Her fingers were a sickly shade of blue, matching her lips, and her tears turned to icicles before they could escape her lashes. Miranda had been wandering through the streets like this for days. Food and shelter were scarce […]