Fiction: Is It Really Worth a Life?

I’ve posted about rabid fandoms before, and this is yet another one of those posts. If you’re a rabid fan, you should probably stop reading this, because I’m going after you.

Why the hell would you send someone death threats over a fictional TV show or fictional characters from a book series? Why?

I was reading my Twitter feed today and saw a tweet from someone who had received death threats from a fandom. I don’t know the whole story; I don’t know if this person had negative things to say about the fandom, or if they were a part of the fandom that had a different viewpoint than the rest of the fandom. Those types of circumstances don’t matter. Death threats. Death threats. From a fandom.

What does it say about your fandom if the members send such serious threats with such reckless abandon? Do they (or you, if you’ve been guilty of this) not understand that a death threat is no joke? No matter what the fandom, no amount of insult to your idols and made-up worlds is worth even an empty death threat.

The world of fandom has become like one of the dystopian nightmares that have fandoms of their own. Hate is slung back and forth like so many grenades on a battlefield. Minute differences in opinion spark wars that can have literal casualties. Did these fandom warriors ever consider that some people may have difficult lives, that the fandom was their one “safe place” to hide from the torture of day-to-day living? What if that person you’re sending death threats to happens to be on the brink of suicide in their non-fandom life? What do you think happens then?

Fandoms need to calm the fuck down. Get over themselves. The hive mind isn’t the be-all and end-all of life. If you see your fandom going down that slippery slope of verbal attacks, stalking, and death threats, step back. Get out. The cult mindset isn’t healthy, and a world of fiction isn’t worth someone’s life.

Just because they’re a stranger on the Internet doesn’t mean they’re not a real person. Think before you tweet.

Small print

I don’t feel quite so bad about my own book having a couple minor typos in it now that I’m reading another book to review for the website.

Now, this book that I’m reading isn’t self-published like mine was. It was published through a publisher–possibly a small publishers, but a publisher nonetheless–and has (theoretically) gone through the editing process and formatting and whatnot. So why are there so many paragraphs without indents, or with indents that are different lengths, or missing commas, or commas that don’t belong there, or… well, there are quite a lot of punctuation and formatting errors, and I’m only two chapters in.

For a book that runs $23, I’d expect much more. (And I haven’t even gotten into the bland sentence structure or terrible analogies.) I’m trying to give it the benefit of the doubt and save the review for when I’ve read the whole thing, but it’s pretty slow going.

The best part? This is the first book in a series. A series of this.

I’m not including the title of the book because I have to review it proper for the website, but man, this is tough to read. It almost physically hurts to read it. It certainly pains my writer’s brain.

I shouldn’t complain, though. I’m certain that there will be those who read my own book and find multiple faults with it, which would make me quite the hypocrite.

But good Gods, this is hard.

Next question….

T-minus 3 1/2 days until I arrive at Phoenix Comicon, and as the time draws nearer I’m starting to get interview opportunities from some of the convention guests that I requested interviews with, as well as other guests who are eager to be interviewed by websites and magazines to get their names out there.

It’s exciting to be attending as a member of the media. I don’t know exactly what special privileges I’ll have (taking photos at panels that otherwise wouldn’t allow them, perhaps? Who knows), but just having the opportunity is great. I can’t thank Talk Nerdy With Us enough for all the opportunities they’ve given me in this past year. (Hard to believe I’ve almost been with the site for a year!)

It’s also going to be interesting to be conducting these interviews in costume, as I’m going to be cosplaying most of the con. I’m sure there will be other press in costume, because come on, it’s Comicon! Still, I have to maintain a professional veneer throughout the day because I will be representing Talk Nerdy With Us. I can’t just tell some jerk who disses my cosplay to piss off, because that would look bad for Talk Nerdy With Us. I have to take the high ground. Be the better man…er, woman.

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to drafting interview questions. Here’s crossing my fingers that my phone’s voice recorder app works well! Lol

Why can’t we be friends?

My husband brought up a valid point today, and it’s one I’d like to address…

Why do pop culture fans these days want everyone to be in a relationship. It seems you can’t go into any fandom without ships, ships galore! Whatever happened to good ol’ buddies? Why are the brotp’s suddenly all bromances? Can’t two people just like hanging out without any innuendo?

Maybe today’s society is so repressed that they rebel by sexualizing everything. Two men being in love is forbidden? Fine. We’ll just decide that these two fictional men who have no romantic chemistry are in a sexual relationship. Take that, Establishment! Or something.

Now, I have no problem with homosexual relationships. You’re attracted to your own sex? Fine. Attracted to both sexes? Neither? Whatever. That’s your deal, and it’s all good. I just don’t get why fans are imagining romances where there are none.

Destiel. Wincest. Those are just two examples of fan shipping gone mad, from just one fandom. Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Well, unless you really want to know, I wouldn’t recommend Googling it. The Internet is dark and full of bullshit. Why can’t friends just be friends? It baffles me.

There are different types of relationships besides sexual or romantic relationships. There are friendships and partnerships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods. There are families, cliques, posses, and gangs. People can be close to one another emotionally without being sexual. Is it that hard to understand?

Then I start to wonder: Is this a reflection of the fandoms’ personal lives? Maybe they aren’t too repressed…maybe they’re hypersexualized. Maybe every relationship in their lives is a sexual/romantic one, and they don’t know how to have healthy non-sexual relationships. It’s certainly possible.

It’s also possible that they’re all batshit crazy. Get your own love lives and quit trying to force them on fictional characters. Let the romance happen, and if it doesn’t, then let that happen too.

T-minus 8 days

That’s right, just a little over a week until Phoenix Comicon! I am almost completely done with cosplays…one little strap to do, but I need a buckle for it so it’ll have to wait until Friday when I can get to the craft store.

There will be much ironing and helping each other into our costumes when we get to my in-laws’ house. We’ve done what we can, but considering it all has to get smooshed into one garment bag there’s going to be some wrinkling. Going to pack safety pins and possibly bring along my craft/sewing bin in case of cosplay emergency that needs to be handled before we get to the con.

I’m of course excited for Comicon, but I’m also excited that I get to introduce my sister to this wonderful world. I know she doesn’t get out much and doesn’t like crowds, but neither did I when I went to my first con, and that first con got me hooked. She needs to get out more and meet new people, so hopefully she enjoys this experience and opens up a bit…plus, there’s the added bonus of being able to potentially meet some celebs that interest her. I know there are usually a lot of voice actors and artists from different animes and mangas she likes, and there are usually panels about manga and anime art that I know she’ll have fun with….it’s just a matter of getting her to go to them.

I’ve been practicing Periscoping so I can get a few live feed shots of the con for Talk Nerdy With Us. I keep forgetting to look at the camera–and when I do, I keep looking back at the screen to see how I look. Derp! Oh, well, I still hope people will enjoy my tweets and Periscopes.

Off to get ready for work!

Why stress when the worst is over?

I’ve been thinking that all is sunshine and roses, now that I’ve nearly finished the cosplays. Just a couple of snaps, a strap for my husband’s prop, and boom! Done. So why am I breaking out with horrendous stress acne?

I suppose it could be due to yesterday’s hectic work day, but then again I’ve had worse. No, I think it’s the impending Comicon that’s got me looking like I have humongous lumps on my face, neck, and chest. They’re not “ripe” (haven’t come to a head), so the pressure is quite painful…not to mention they’re not exactly pretty to look at. Gross would be a better description. Disgusting. Abhorrent. I could go on, but I’m too lazy to get a thesaurus right now.

Could it be the next two cosplays that have me broken out? Doubtful, because I have three months to work on them as opposed to the one month I had to work on the Naruto costumes.

Maybe it’s just the general stress and excitement of the impending con. I may or may not have interviews to do (can’t say for sure, because apparently some PR people don’t get in touch with the media until the night before the con, if at all), and I have to remember to use the Talk Nerdy With Us social media to take pictures, live tweet, and Periscope things as they happen. Not that I can’t use my own media at all, just that I have to remember that I’m working while I’m at the con, not just playing. And of course, there’s the photo op with Alex Kingston (aka the actress who plays River Song on Doctor Who). The excitement of that could lead to a type of stress-induced acne, I guess.

I know I need to calm down about whatever is bothering me. Just breathe. I just can’t figure out what’s bothering me so much.

Here’s hoping that the current breakout is the worst of it, and that it goes away before next Thursday.

Mission accomplished!

Well, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to, but somehow I did it. I finished the cosplays in time for Phoenix Comicon!

Okay…so technically I’m not 100% finished…but I know how I’m going to finish the last little bit, which is an improvement over being completely clueless as I was last week. And the weeks before.

My list of things to complete is dwindling to the point where I have three very minor things left to do. A couple snaps here, a strap there, and boom! Cosplays done. So what’s a girl to do next?

That’s a simple answer: More cosplay! I’ve already mentioned that I’ve chosen my next cosplay (Magik from the X-Men), and since my husband picked our last cosplay theme he’s going along with it and picked another X-universe character that he liked the look of.

This time I’ll have about two to three months to finish, as opposed to the one month I had to get the Naruto cosplays done. There’s more than just sewing involved, though–this time, we’ve got some fabrication (prop-building) to do. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to attend some panels at Phoenix Comicon that will give us some idea of where we’re going as far as that goes. Sure, we made the prop gourd for my husband’s Gaara cosplay, but that had a YouTube video tutorial that was fairly easy to follow. With the characters we’re working on, there’s less on the Internet to find to work with. I found a couple of step-by-step pictorial instructions for my sword prop, but nothing video. Still, it’s better than no tutorials at all.

Since I have a week and a half left til Phoenix Comicon, I’m going to try to read the book I have to review for Talk Nerdy With Us. I’ve gotten about six pages in, but the grammar and punctuation are kind of terrible. I understand that it may just be a small publisher and maybe they just don’t have the editorial resources that some bigger publishers have, but c’mon. I self-published my book and had fewer errors. The sentence structure so far is very bland and repetitive. Subject-verb-object, subject-verb-object, subject-verb-object. Doesn’t exactly make for a thrilling read. But I’m only six pages in, so maybe it gets better. Gotta give it a chance.

I also have critiques to do for the charity anthology. I’ve fallen woefully behind on those (due to the cosplay crunch), so I have to try to get up to speed on those.

A week and a half may not seem like much time…but a month didn’t seem like enough time for those cosplays, so I think I can do it. I think so.

Magik Motivation?

Okay. So I’m a big supporter of cosplayers of all shapes and sizes being able to cosplay whatever they want. So, theoretically, I shouldn’t have a problem cosplaying whatever I want.

Except I want to cosplay this:


Even if I was skinny again, I wouldn’t want to do the crop top and hot pants. I plan on using a corset and regular pants and sticking to the rest of the design as best as I’m able.

But I do want to be thinner than I am now to do this cosplay in September. So the question is: Do I try to lose weight just for a cosplay when I’m constantly telling people they shouldn’t worry about what size they are when choosing to cosplay? I feel like something of a hypocrite.

I still believe that fans should be able to cosplay whatever their hearts desire. And my fan heart wants to cosplay this character. I just don’t know if I can lose the weight. Or any of it.

Every time I’ve tried in the last couple of years, I’ve failed miserably. In fact, I seem to keep creeping up there even when I try to do right. I lose hope when I make no progress, and I eat worse because I have given up hope. It doesn’t help matters that I’m too exhausted to exercise when I get home from work. Oh, and there’s the whole cosplay thing. I’ve still got stuff to finish for Phoenix Comicon (less than two weeks!)…

I think that, despite my espousing of the importance of positive self-image in the cosplay community, I’m going to try to lose at least some of the weight that I’ve put on. Try being the operative word.

Maybe all I need to motivate myself is a little Magik.

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

Okay, this is a bit of a rant.

Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. To simplify it, half of the year it’s on Mountain time and half of the year Pacific. It makes TV watching interesting at times, because you have to adjust your viewing times to the time change.

Now, I suppose that’s the reason that my local NBC station airs shows on Mountain time still despite Arizona being on the same time schedule as Pacific viewers.

Local NBC station, you screwed up.

So here’s why I’m annoyed: I live tweet shows for Talk Nerdy With Us from time to time. Live tweeting during a Mountain standard time airing blows. Nobody else is live tweeting at that time; the big live tweets are East coast (Eastern) and West coast (Pacific) times. I had planned on live tweeting a season finale tonight, but I couldn’t…because I missed the first half. If it aired at the “right” time, I would have caught the whole thing. This also put me off from the other live tweeters. The Pacific live tweeters were just starting the episode, not halfway through it like my station was.

Time should not be that complicated, local NBC station. You were airing this show at 8pm when Arizona was in sync with Mountain time. Air it at the same time when daylight savings ends. It’s that simple. It’s Arizona time. Not whenever-the-fuck-you-want-it-to-be time. You don’t have to play with time itself to get viewers. Yeah, if I had realized your fuckery I would have been able to see the show an hour earlier. But then what? I would have had a lousy time live tweeting. Could I have recorded it? Maybe, but it was a two-hour episode, so I would have had to play the first half while the second half was recording–something that I know my TV has the capability of doing, but fuck if I know how.

In closing, quit fucking with time, local NBC station. You aren’t the Doctor. You aren’t a Time Lord. You aren’t special. Just keep it on Arizona time. Air it at the same bat-time, and I might keep watching the same bat-channel.

Doctor, Doctor

I had the strangest dream last night.

It began with me driving myself to some unknown location. I watched as a dude on a motorcycle nearly got run off the road by some angry guy in a truck. Then, I was sideswiped by an RV and nearly run off the road. (The guy in the RV was using his cell phone and not paying shit’s worth attention to the road.) Now, this being a dream and all, nobody stopped for these near-accidents–not even the drivers themselves (me included). A short while later, there was a chain-reaction accident, with the two cars ahead of the motorcycle and truck ramming into each other, then the truck finally succeeded in plowing down the motorcycle. The RV sideswiped me again and I got pushed off the interstate, but thankfully I wasn’t hurt.

The RV continued on (probably so distracted by his cell phone that he didn’t notice he had almost killed someone), and the survivors of the accidents–which happened to be all of us, miraculously–stood by the side of the road, calling 9-1-1 and waiting for police or ambulances to show up. No one arrived, though, so after several hours of waiting we walked over to a hospital that was across the road. Why didn’t we go there in the first place? It was a dream,silly. There rarely is a rational why in a dream.

I spent the next little bit of the dream crying like a baby because I was so upset that no cops had come to the scene of the accidents. By the time a cop arrived at the hospital I was in hysterics, and no amount of talk could console me because I never saw the license plate of the hit-and-run RV.

At some point i realized I was in Florida, though Gods know why (the most likely reason is that I had a patient yesterday who was talking about Florida–real-me, not dream-me). While at this hospital in Florida, I ran into a family that I hadn’t seen in a long time. They were doing well, which is odd considering the husband & wife divorced last year.

Flash forward to an unknown amount of time, and all of a sudden the Eleventh Doctor shows up. Don’t know who I’m talking about? I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. Anywho, he was being his usual silly self and I was trying to calm down after the accidents when suddenly, my tongue felt funny. I checked a mirror, and I had the most disgusting pustule on the end of my tongue.

I could barely talk, and I felt so gross and disgusting. The Doctor was nice enough to stick by me and try to help out. Now, if you know who I’m talking about, then you know that he’s not the kind of doctor I needed just then. As we tried to find a medical doctor, my tongue got worse and worse. It burned, and talking was nearly impossible due to the swelling. The pustule got bigger and bigger, and my teeth started falling out. I was spitting out blood, pus, and teeth all over the place. Just as we found a medical doctor, I woke up.

I think I’m going to go brush my teeth now. Maybe a couple of times.