No, I’m not crushed. My poor corset grommets are! I bought an eyelet setter to make it easier to secure the grommets on my corset, and while they are indeed now more secure, they also are warped and, well, crushed. It’s disappointing, because now they look terrible and I know it will count against me […]

Can’t Con-tain My Excitement

It’s a little more than 3 months until Phoenix Comicon, our cosplays are almost done, and I’m getting increasingly excited about this year’s con. I want to enter a cosplay contest, if possible. I may not win, but it’ll be great to take part and be able to say that I broke through some of my […]


Here it is again. Another nasty cold. Happy Valentine’s day to me. I am grateful that I have a caring husband who makes sure I get enough rest, but it really kills the Valentine’s mood. I feel like Typhoid Mary. I probably spread this virus throughout half of Tucson yesterday despite my efforts to cover […]