Know Thy Limits

Man, last night was fun. My husband & I had some neighbors over for dinner & drinks. Lots of drinks. Enough drinks that I lost my dinner. Oops. Surprisingly, I don’t feel that bad this morning. A little dehydrated, but otherwise I’m feeling okay. No hangover. No upset stomach. Still, it was a stupid move. […]

Throwback Thursday: Hostage in My Head

I don’t always post a Throwback Thursday, but when I do it’s usually art or poetry. Today, I’ve chosen one of my favorites out of the poems that I’ve written. It, along with other poems of mine, can be found in Kamikaze Butterflies on Amazon Kindle and in paperback on Amazon or Createspace.*Version*=1&*entries*=0 Trapped alone Awash […]

Cosplay for all

I’ve noticed a slight bad pattern to my cosplay interviews for Talk Nerdy With Us. They’ve almost all been women! Men are cosplayers just as much as women are. My solution? To the Interwebs! (Or rather, to a Facebook page for male cosplayers.) So far I have three new interviews lined up that feature male […]

Fanfiction: Devotional or Uninspired?

Yesterday’s post had to do with the strange phenomenon of “shipping” when it comes to fictional characters and worlds. Today, I follow that up with a post about fanfiction, which is basically fans writing “episodes” of TV shows, movies, comics, etc. My first question is this: Why fanfiction? Sure, some are just little short stories […]

Sailing Away

Ships. They pull in and sail off, come and go. And some of them make absolutely no sense. I’m not talking about your average boat. I’m talking about relationships, specifically in books, TV shows, and movies. People see two characters who they feel should be together, and boom! A ship is born. It’s the biggest […]

The proof is in the pattern

Started sewing early (early) this morning, and I’m almost at the point where I need to partially draft the cloak. It’s going to take a bit of Frankensteining to get it right. I don’t like the hood pattern that came with the cloak pattern, so I’m using the hood from my TARDIS pattern to make […]

Sew here I go again

It’s that time again! Back to the cosplay sewing. This morning I cut out the pieces for the tunic that my husband will wear. I’m hoping to be done with that this weekend so I can get started on drafting the pattern (aka making shit up) for the cloak. I have a pattern for the […]