Quiet blog, busy mind

Things are still going full-speed here. Sewing, drawing, and (should be) critiquing.

Got my commission finished. Next drawing in the works is for the RPG project. That one’s going to take up a lot of time, but it’s a good challenge for me.

Started on my scrubs last night, but only have the darts and the shoulders sewn. Not going to be a quickie project in the slightest. Lots of ironing to do, lots of figuring out the pattern.

The critiques shouldn’t be taking me this long, but I just have so much else to do. I need to step up. Friday snuck up on me this week.

It’s going to be a long work day today, but that’s the norm. The off-work work is what’s going to eat up my time.

So, long story quite short, this blog may go quiet for a little while. I just have to get things done.

So little time…

I’ve taken on a lot of projects lately–some business projects, some for me.

On my to do list: make new scrub tops (the fabric is already cut), make Star Wars fingerless gloves for myself from the remaining fabric (also already cut), do two album reviews for talknerdywithus.com, do a commission drawing for a friend, several critiques for the writing/critiquing group I’m in, and a new art project for an RPG development company.

Whew! How do I get myself into these kind of messes? Lol Not that I mind. It’s all fun stuff, just a lot to do.

Oh yeah, and I have work. That, too.

Got to figure out my time management and see which ones need to take priority and which ones can wait a teeny bit. I have the afternoon off tomorrow and all weekend; some of these things can be done while I’m doing laundry at my parents’ house, but not all. The scrub tops can wait, though I hate to do that (because I totally want Star Wars scrub tops ASAP lol).

Off to the day job now!

In the wee hours

I love our cat. I really do.

But damn, he just doesn’t get this whole humans-aren’t-nocturnal thing.

As I write this, it’s 3 a.m. in our time zone. Rory woke me up at about 1:30 a.m. to clean his litter–which is all well and good, because a litter that sits there dirty all night gets kinda rank–but I guess he decided he needed to be fed as well. So, after about 30-45 minutes of him throat-kneading me and giving me kitty-breath kisses, I finally reneged and got up to give him his wet food for breakfast. Unfortunately, I’m now too awake to get back to sleep.

It is really freaking boring at 3 a.m. when you don’t have much to do.

could be doing music reviews for Talk Nerdy With Us, but I’m not quite focused enough for that right now. I could also be writing, but I’m still stuck on the same chapter–hell, the same paragraph–of my new WIP. I could go out to the other room and watch TV or a DVD, but we have company and I don’t want to wake them up.

Finally, I have a mosquito bite that is driving me crazy.

All I really want to do is online shopping, but that’s not fiscally possible now. There’s a website where I can turn the cover for my poetry anthology, Kamikaze Butterflies, into a fabric. It’s expensive, but it would look so freakin’ cool. Would make for great scrubs or hand warmers. Alas, it’s $17.50 per yard, so unless I come into some magical money in the near future, that’s just going to have to wait.

Maybe I could sell the hand warmers on Etsy…take pre-orders….

Or maybe I could try to go to sleep. Each is equally likely to happen.

Vivid hallucinations

Okay, so I wasn’t really hallucinating…but isn’t that was dreaming is, after all?

I get the strangest dreams sometimes. And it’s not that they’re bad, but they’re so vivid that my mind & body reject being asleep. I’m forced awake by my own body so I don’t have to dream anymore.

The feeling is kind of freaky. I dig my way out of the dream and back to consciousness, and no matter how tired I am I fight going back to sleep. I’m not wide awake by any stretch of the imagination; I just can’t stand the thought of dreaming again.

Right now, for instance, I’m exhausted. I want to go back to sleep, but at the same time I don’t. I don’t want to go back down the rabbit hole. Into the Twilight Zone. Fuck it, Narnia or wherever the hell you go when you’re dreaming. I don’t want to do it. Nope. No siree Bob.

Now let’s see if the Ritalin and energy drink can help me face the day ahead now that I’ve wakened ahead of time.


This day has been so odd.

Rory woke me up at 1:30 a.m. to kindly inform me that he had missed the hole in the litter ring on the toilet (he’s partially toilet trained, but got too big too fast to skip the ring entirely…still, easier & less messy than a regular litter box), so I had to spend half an hour cleaning that up; best to just dump out the litter and sanitize the whole ring when he misses that much.

Then I woke up a bit when my husband started work. Not abnormal, but I decided to eat breakfast and take my pills. I thought something was off about the number of pills in my hand, but couldn’t figure out what, until…

…about 6:30 or 7, when I woke up again to realize I hadn’t put my morning Ritalin in with the other pills when I was setting up my pill organizer last night. So, when I finally fully woke up for the day (at 8 a.m.) I took the Ritalin and have been awake since.

I don’t know what to do with myself, though. I’m not accustomed to having a Friday off unless I have something to do, like take a trip or go to a doctor’s appointment. Also, temporary maintenance on a website I write for has postponed my posting and two people are beta reading my novel, so…what do I do? I’ve swept and vacuumed (my shoulders and neck are pretty mad at me for that one) and downloaded a fitness app so that after my company for the weekend is gone and my schedule is back to “normal” I can try walking in the mornings or evenings.

It’s not quite lunch time, and I’ve already had a snack of some carrots, so no eating. I’ve got to break my habit of boredom eating. Not going to go to the grocery store until after my husband gets off work in a few hours.

After this post I’ll…I dunno. Look at Facebook some more? Tweet? I’ll write a little bit of course, but no telling on how the flow will go. It could be 100 words, it could be 1000, it could be 3000. All depends on how productive my muse is feeling today.

Sad Kitteh

Poor Rory. Our cat has had ringworm for over two weeks, and our vet’s office hasn’t gotten back to us on his lab results to confirm it (we know it’s ringworm, though–just Google the images & it’s obvious what it is). The “7-10 day” time period for the labs to come back has been & gone with no answers. In the meantime, poor Rory has to have medicine put on twice a day and yesterday he was lethargic and acting strange.

The good news is, he’s still eating/drinking/voiding as normal. He even woke me up at nothing in the morning as is his usual routine, so that’s a plus (who would’ve though I’d be glad to have him wake me up in the middle of the night lol).

My husband is going to the vet today to get answers. He’s going to find out why the labs aren’t back yet, or if they are why we haven’t been notified, and what else we can do to make Rory better.

We love our Rory and want to be sure he’s happy and healthy.