Off Kilter

By the Gods, my sleep cycle is shot. I’m going to bed around 8pm every night, but either Rory or my own body wakes me up between 1-2am every morning. Sometimes it’s just Rory kneading on my throat that wakes me up, but sometimes I wake from some strange, vivid dream and I get so […]

Lost in Transmission

Well, I’m fucked. My car’s transmission just randomly started going out today on the way to my parents’ house. We got there–eventually–but now we have to wait until Monday to even find out how much an estimate of the repairs is going to be. The only place that’s open for us to ask is the […]

Whittling down…

Slowly but surely, I’m ticking off things on my to-do list. Are my scrubs done? Not yet, but I put them on the back burner since I have more pressing things that I need to do. Album and single reviews done, two of my drawings for the RPG project done, and I even squeezed in some […]