Waiting with beta’d breath

Well, my #novel is off to two beta readers, and the first has already finished reading it. I was asleep when he asked for my email address last night (and given the time of day I woke up today, he most likely is asleep now) so it will be a bit before I get my #critique back, but I’m pleased that I was able to find someone that not only was able to read it in less than the month I was asking for but in just one short day! He did tell me in the message he sent that it was an enjoyable read, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have changes that need to be made. It will be interesting to see what a complete and total stranger will have to say after reading the whole thing in one sitting.

The other beta reader still has that month, and I’m not too worried about it. This reader I’m more familiar with, and I know he will be a brutal critic if needed.

I’m excited to move on to the next round of revisions before I send it off for the next edit. Getting closer and closer to being sent into the scary land of publishers!


I don’t know why, but I’m stuck on these abstract forms lately. Here’s the latest one


It started as an abandoned sketch that I thought I couldn’t salvage, but today I looked at it again and decided to give it another go. I like how it turned out. In fact, I really want to get more colors. These are the only gel ink colors I have right now (besides black) & I kinda want to see what I can do with some other color combinations.

Maybe next paycheck.

So impatient…or is that distracted…or is it–squirrel!

I swear I have the attention span of a gnat on speed.

I fully intended to spend the majority of the day (the part of it not spent picking up prescriptions, filling the gas tank of the car, or doing a phone interview for www.talknerdywithus.com ) just sitting and reading. I really did. Just relaxing. Chilling.

So why is it that I #amwriting again?

Yep, I’m back at my novel, trying to get one more revision in before I seek out beta readers. I just can’t stop myself.

I also want to start another craft project after having a strange dream involving said project, even though it would interfere with my revisions. I have issues.

There’s something else that I feel like I’m forgetting, but since I can’t remember what it is I can’t very well list it here, but it must be of some importance so I’m going to make a place for it here.

Oh, and I need to give my hair a trim. At some point.

For Pleasure Only

Oh, get your heads out of the gutter. I’m talking about #reading.

I’ve done so much reading of my own work and others’ for critique for so long, I’m finally taking a little bit more time here and there to read for myself.

Darynda Jones has an incredible urban fantasy/supernatural series about a modern-day grim reaper that I highly recommend. I have been negligent in that I have not caught up on the series sooner, so even though the eighth book has just come out I’m only on the third (thanks to a friend of mine, who generously loaned me her Kindle so I could read the books).

I’d almost forgotten what it was like to lose myself in reading without reading for critical purposes. Does this sentence work? Is that comma necessary? Could that be phrased better? Nope. Just reading for reading’s sake. Love it.

Full plate

Lots going on in the land of me.

I had two moles biopsied yesterday (results should be back within a week). A phone #interview with a band pending this Saturday that I need to prep for. Two movie #reviews I need to work on (one I have to wait until Friday because it’s released then). My weekly live tweet. My Monday thru Friday job. Revision #2 on my novel. Critiquing for my group as well as for a friend. And somewhere in there, #reading for fun.

I don’t mind it, though. I’m enjoying the freelance writing, I’m getting caught up on backlog at my day job, the works I’m critiquing are fun to read, the biopsies so far don’t hurt, and I’ve been itching to get back to my book since I sent it to my editor. And the series I’m reading is an excellent one by author Darynda Jones (check her out–now).

Speaking of busy, have to leave for “real” work soon. Off to the races!


Well, it’s finally back–my editor (aka my mom) has finished with her first round of editing on my novel, and I’ve finished reading her edits.

As is natural with any writer/editor arrangement, I didn’t agree with all her suggested changes. That’s just how it goes. I have my phrases that I thought were just genius, and she kinda looked at them and said no, no they’re not. That’s the editor’s job. Knock the writer down a peg or two. 😉

Now I have to go through it all again, reading more carefully. Is this sentence really better her way or my way? Or is there a third, bester way?

I’m going to need beta readers soon. The alpha reader project failed miserably. I got a few feedback comments, but for the most part my alphas ignored me and made excuses. I understand life happens, but I’m not just writing this for funzies here. I actually would like to get it published some day. If I had waited for those alpha readers, I wouldn’t be nearly as far along as I am now. I might never have gotten around to editing.

For now, while I’m on revision #2, I’m going to continue submitting a few chapters at a time to my critique group. Once I feel like I’ve got a somewhat decent polish on it, I’m going to go to another group and put out feelers for beta readers–strangers this time, but people who take writing seriously and understand the importance of deadlines. I’m not trying to rush this, but I’m also not trying to take seven years to send out to a publisher.

Gluttonous vs ravenous

So here it is: am I a fatty because I eat to much, or do I eat too much because I’m #hungry all the time?

I mean all the time. I very rarely am full, and when I am it’s not for very long. Something in my brain is constantly telling me that my stomach is empty and it needs more food, regardless of how much food I’ve already eaten.

That means I eat all the time. Which is no bueno for my health. Or my appearance. Yeah, I know in my last post I said I was getting more comfortable with my appearance–and I am–but that doesn’t mean I enjoy the preggerbelly I have. I need to lose weight, but it’s difficult when I’m always hungry.

Sometimes I eat to the point of feeling so full that I’m queasy, and before the nausea and fullness goes away I’m hungry again….so I eat more. Does that make me guilty of being a pig, or guilty of succumbing to the hunger?

I suppose it doesn’t matter what I’m guilty of. What matters is I need to exercise more self-control.

Model behavior

I may not be model-thin, but I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with my appearance.

Today’s society is so self-absorbed, and the portion of society that isn’t buying into the #selfie craze is dissing the #selfers (new word–Shakespeare did it, and I’m claiming writer’s rights to do it as well). Me? I’m a little bit of both.

Why take dozens of selfies if I look down on the selfie phenomenon? Because I spent the first couple dozen years of my life hating how I look, and a few more after I gained weight hating my appearance again.

Now I’m slowly growing comfortable enough in my own skin to take pictures of myself and to allow others to take my picture and post it on social media.

I’ve even become #comfortable enough to use a picture of myself as a cover image for an anthology that I self-published today. Can’t get much more #selfer than that.

I’m also thinking of toying around with taking even more photos of myself as “model” photos. Not necessarily for use in publications, but to remind myself that I’m worthy of being looked at, of getting attention.

My first test photo isn’t exactly Vogue style work. More like, uh, a famous horror magazine. (I didn’t sleep well last night, give me a break.)

I give you the first of what I hope will be many shots of me being me, in my various forms. This is pissed-off me.


My other hope is that by taking more pictures of myself I’ll be more #motivated to lose weight and get fit. I’ve gained too much since my surgery and need to shed those pounds.


Remember all those Flash Fiction Fridays I posted a while back? Well, I decided to gather them up–along with a couple of short stories I wrote–and put together an anthology to publish on Amazon Kindle. It’s not available yet; it takes about 12 hours or so to be available for download. Still, that will make three titles on Amazon now. I feel more accomplished just having enough material for that.

I even used a selfie (with a horror-looking filter) for the cover lol I can add book cover model to my ever-growing resume! Haha yeah, right. More like too cheap to try to find a model of my own.

I think I’m going to go read for a while now. Relax, take a break from creating to enjoy someone else’s creation.

A little sleep deprivation art for you

About a week ago I got so excited about my first live tweet of a TV show that I ended up going more than 24 hours without sleep. Near the end of that time, I got a little loopy and started doodling just for funzies (& to keep sane).

I have a couple of photos, but I haven’t been able to get the scanner to behave and I keep forgetting to ask my tech-savvy husband to look at it for me. So the photos are a bit dark. Still, the drawings turned out pretty nice and as soon as I get some decent scans I’m going to post them to my DeviantArt account.