Waiting with beta’d breath

Well, my #novel is off to two beta readers, and the first has already finished reading it. I was asleep when he asked for my email address last night (and given the time of day I woke up today, he most likely is asleep now) so it will be a bit before I get my #critique […]


I don’t know why, but I’m stuck on these abstract forms lately. Here’s the latest one It started as an abandoned sketch that I thought I couldn’t salvage, but today I looked at it again and decided to give it another go. I like how it turned out. In fact, I really want to get […]

For Pleasure Only

Oh, get your heads out of the gutter. I’m talking about #reading. I’ve done so much reading of my own work and others’ for critique for so long, I’m finally taking a little bit more time here and there to read for myself. Darynda Jones has an incredible urban fantasy/supernatural series about a modern-day grim […]

Full plate

Lots going on in the land of me. I had two moles biopsied yesterday (results should be back within a week). A phone #interview with a band pending this Saturday that I need to prep for. Two movie #reviews I need to work on (one I have to wait until Friday because it’s released then). […]


Well, it’s finally back–my editor (aka my mom) has finished with her first round of editing on my novel, and I’ve finished reading her edits. As is natural with any writer/editor arrangement, I didn’t agree with all her suggested changes. That’s just how it goes. I have my phrases that I thought were just genius, and […]

Gluttonous vs ravenous

So here it is: am I a fatty because I eat to much, or do I eat too much because I’m #hungry all the time? I mean all the time. I very rarely am full, and when I am it’s not for very long. Something in my brain is constantly telling me that my stomach is […]

Model behavior

I may not be model-thin, but I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with my appearance. Today’s society is so self-absorbed, and the portion of society that isn’t buying into the #selfie craze is dissing the #selfers (new word–Shakespeare did it, and I’m claiming writer’s rights to do it as well). Me? I’m a little bit of both. […]


Remember all those Flash Fiction Fridays I posted a while back? Well, I decided to gather them up–along with a couple of short stories I wrote–and put together an anthology to publish on Amazon Kindle. It’s not available yet; it takes about 12 hours or so to be available for download. Still, that will make […]