I’ve sent my novel (ok, “novella” right now) out to some friends and family for alpha reading. It’s both exciting and nerve wracking, because I’ve never written something this length before. For me, short story plots are easier than this novella plot ever was, despite how long I’ve had the concept brewing in my head. […]

Getting the right fit

I’ve been slacking in a few of my New Year’s resolutions  🙁  I told myself I’d lose weight, and instead I’ve gained a bunch. This morning I did a few short exercises to get started on losing the extra muffin top, but I have a long way to go still. On the plus side, my […]

Should have planned ahead

Low battery warning on my tablet = no more book reading during my lunch break. I am staying at the office for lunch today & decided to bring my tablet so I could read my book. I know, I should leave it alone for a while and then look at it with fresh eyes, but […]

Drawn to it

It may not be the most refined of sketches, but here I’ve roughly drawn out one of the scenes from the novel/novella I wrote. I need to work on making my figures more dynamic. The female isn’t too bad, but the male looks very flat 🙁 I guess for now, while I’m taking a break […]

I need GPS

I tried to go back to my novel this morning, but I’m having trouble figuring out where to go next. Scratch that: I know where to go, but not how to get there. I don’t want to reveal the main character’s plan too soon, but how to get from idea to implementation? Therein lies the […]

“I’m just tired”

Why did I put that in quotes? Well, think about it: how often are you really tired when you say this? I know that, for myself, most of the time “I’m just tired” (usually in response to a question like “Are you ok?”) is code for “I’m feeling sad or #depressed or lonely and you […]

Curse the histamines

As if a depressive episode wasn’t bad enough, now my sinuses have decided to attack on a different front. No real writing done the past couple of days, and no arts since Sunday. 🙁 Hopefully once I get to work I get busy enough to forget one or both of my maladies.