I’m a nice girl. I often volunteer to stay late for a coworker if they’ve got things they need to do or don’t feel well, even if–like today–I also don’t feel well.

I get kinda pissed at being taken advantage of, though. Like when illnesses pop up at convenient times.

I really shouldn’t lay blame. For all I know it’s just coincidence. Conceivably it could be.

But damn if I didn’t want to go home on time & take a nap to see if my migraine would clear up.

To Theatre Goers Everywhere

Rant time.

If you are sitting behind/next to/near someone in a theatre, for Gods’ sakes be considerate and mindful of those around you.

They may look perfectly healthy, but you don’t know what’s going on inside them.

They might have a chronic pain condition, an injury, or an autoimmune disorder that causes their body to attack itself. They may be autistic or have a panic disorder.

You never know how much discomfort or pain you can cause by constantly bumping or kicking their seat.

I am 5’10”. If I am capable of crossing my legs without kicking the seat in front of me, I’m pretty damn sure the short skinny bitch in the seat behind me today is capable of it. If not, she should’ve sat the f*ck still.

End rant.


I accomplished a few firsts today:

– I completed all of my New Year’s resolutions for 2014, which means…

– I finished the fifth chapter of my novel (counting prologue), which also makes for the first time

– that I got farther than Chapter 2 of anything I’ve written

– I worked with polymer clay for the first time

Not too shabby for one day. Soon this year will end, and a whole ‘nother year of firsts will be upon us.


Bad pun, I know.

I’ve been on a selfie kick lately, which is weird, because I hate having my picture taken. I guess I just realized how few pictures of myself I truly like. Something drove me to want to take photos that made me feel good about myself.

This, in my humble opinion, is the best one yet.


Even before filters and digitally removing the apartment building behind me, I really like it. Has kind of an artsy/hipster vibe to it.

I also feel better knowing that I have another picture besides my favorite one from my wedding day to use for profile photos and book jackets.

Who knows? I may become one of those selfie-obsessed people who constantly take their own picture.

Or maybe not.

Serial Killer: the Sequel

Club is packed

Filled with juicy meat

Such a succulent display

So many to choose from

But sadly enough

I can kill only one

It offers me a drink

I look it over

It will do

An hour’s conversation

Pretending to listen

“Let’s leave

“And find a nice, quiet hotel”

(Quiet and Isolated)

“I’ve hit the jackpot!” it thinks

Wait ’til it sees the prize

So willingly lets me tie it up

Retrieve my bag

Sharp, shiny tools

Such an interesting squish

As I playfully shape its entrails

In the form of a smile

I doubt the maid service

Will find this as amusing

Now the dull work—

Wiping fingerprints

Tape gets hair and fibers

Bloody gloves back in the bag

I put on my spiked heels

Straighten my skirt

I blow him a kiss good-bye

Remove the “Do Not Disturb” sign

Go home

And sleep like a baby

Pushing for the (2014 resolution) finish line

Last year, one of my resolutions (as I’ve mentioned here before), was to write at least 5 chapters in my novel. I have a prologue and 2 chapters finished, with a start on chapter 3. Technically, I am more than halfway to my goal for this year.

It may sound like really slow progress for the year, but if you recall (or read back a few posts), I started with quite a few goals. I’m doing the same for next year, because I found I do so much better with multiple resolutions than with just one. Also, I wrote I think 4 scrapped Chapter 1’s and at least one scrapped Chapter 2. Good stuff, but not what I wanted. Damn evolving characters! Wanting to be all three-dimensional and stuff. Pshh.

The fix is in

Looks like the revision of the cover will turn out ok. At least I hope. I can only check it out online (can’t afford to order the physical proofs), so I’m hoping the weird way the cover art turned out is just from being on the screen and it won’t show like that on the print copies. We shall see.

How I unintentionally created a rare misprint

Proofread. Proofread, proofread, proofread. If you don’t, you look like a dumbass.

I allowed myself to upload a cover image with two typos. Thank the Gods that the only copy ordered was purchased by a coworker and that she wanted me to autograph it for her! (I plan on purchasing a good copy for her as a gift, so she doesn’t have to have a “bad” printing as her only copy.) She didn’t mind, but I feel bad that she got that copy, even though she seemed to truly like it.

Watch your product, fellow writers. You have to be involved in every step of the process, even if you don’t do it yourself or don’t understand that step. Make sure you approve everything and all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. Unless it’s a capital I. Because those don’t get dots.

Lazy Sunday

Not much to report today. Spent the weekend at the in-laws’, getting spoiled with good food and presents. I read a little, I wrote a little, I played around a little. All in all, a good weekend.

I thought I’d end up coming home exhausted, but I’ve been feeling pretty good today. I took a brief nap, but it wasn’t because I was worn out so much as I was nice and relaxed. Not even a lot of pain today, despite two straight hours of driving and then shopping and unloading the car. 🙂

Tomorrow is back to the real (translation: work) world. I got this, though. I’m a tough cookie.