I’m a nice girl. I often volunteer to stay late for a coworker if they’ve got things they need to do or don’t feel well, even if–like today–I also don’t feel well. I get kinda pissed at being taken advantage of, though. Like when illnesses pop up at convenient times. I really shouldn’t lay blame. […]


I accomplished a few firsts today: – I completed all of my New Year’s resolutions for 2014, which means… – I finished the fifth chapter of my novel (counting prologue), which also makes for the first time – that I got farther than Chapter 2 of anything I’ve written – I worked with polymer clay […]


Bad pun, I know. I’ve been on a selfie kick lately, which is weird, because I hate having my picture taken. I guess I just realized how few pictures of myself I truly like. Something drove me to want to take photos that made me feel good about myself. This, in my humble opinion, is […]

Serial Killer: the Sequel

Club is packed Filled with juicy meat Such a succulent display So many to choose from But sadly enough I can kill only one It offers me a drink I look it over It will do An hour’s conversation Pretending to listen “Let’s leave “And find a nice, quiet hotel” (Quiet and Isolated) “I’ve hit […]

The fix is in

Looks like the revision of the cover will turn out ok. At least I hope. I can only check it out online (can’t afford to order the physical proofs), so I’m hoping the weird way the cover art turned out is just from being on the screen and it won’t show like that on the […]

Lazy Sunday

Not much to report today. Spent the weekend at the in-laws’, getting spoiled with good food and presents. I read a little, I wrote a little, I played around a little. All in all, a good weekend. I thought I’d end up coming home exhausted, but I’ve been feeling pretty good today. I took a […]