Mania, Interrupted

After spending much of the past few days sewing as though if I didn’t finish *right then* I never would, I had a bit of an RA flare up last night (with a side order of heartburn). If I’d been paying attention, I would’ve noticed that the frantic determination to complete a simple sewing project–especially […]

The blackest of days

Ok, so maybe Black Friday (and the new Black Thursday last night) wasn’t so bad. As a former retail worker, I have a sort of retail PTSD when it comes to Black Friday. It was the one day a year I specifically requested the opening shift. You get in at like 0500 (probably even earlier […]

Serial killer: origins

For those who know me (and I believe most who come across this on the Interwebs instead of my Facebook or Twitter don’t), the inspiration from my #WIP is a series of short stories I wrote about 8 years ago. Each one is very short–I’m talking a page or two, no more, with short, choppy […]

Technoderp extraordinaire!

I really need to learn this computer stuff. I’m supposedly from the generation that learned PCs and laptops from the ground up. Remember playing with the Turtle program in computer lab as a kid? I do…kind of. You typed in a C:// command (or something like that), told the Turtle how far to go, how many […]

Beauty from pain

Pain can be debilitating if not well-managed, but it can also provide inspiration. I donated this painting for use in a raffle to support the Wounded Warrior Project, and though only one person bid on it with some of the tickets he purchased, I had the chance to meet him when he came to pick […]